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Creators known


Creators known

Lone void since pitched gestation
Dawn shined to frame Creation

Rays through space kissed the office
Curtain unfolded unveiled ecstasy

Arguments trapped created heaven’s
Strange bigots played trombone

Witty and tricky fragmented fools
Dissected beliefs formed fantasies

Revealed truth surreal
Real all just a thought

For every wisdom
certain still
Is unknown to God


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The Executors of Kalyug.

The Executors of Kalyug.

We don’t know them.

Nor they did.

We haven’t seen them.

Nor they did see.

We haven’t felt them yet, we just believe they existed.

That is mythology for some. History, for us. Reality for believers and the Science of the serial competes to complete the all…

Yes, they existed, somewhere in some place. Maybe, in some place else of lesser knowing to us.


Yet, undeniably, it is a maybe because fact and fiction of fictional science and common sense, do not go always hand in hand. These sides are two much to consider, too different sides of the same coin called morality of the mortals.

Whether, they knew that they themselves were, is as strange as a figment of architecture as is, to us today!


Like we find the artifacts of Mohenjo-Daro and of Harappa.


Rest is hence proven, they existed with dignity and respect to fossils and potters -clays or stones!

This entrapment of pre-designed determined detrimental episodes of mega-volcanic actions began as we know of, when the wheels of fire were zillions or more probable light Years away…     


The thunder-bolt called time, which in reality is unreal or unjust to consider to state came down with all vigor to Mother

Earth then.


When it was, but an unforsaken and unforgiven with an experimental justification of coming into being of Human forsaken forever as an idea which was intellectually and intelligently construed into Man’s mind with great finesse of undivided diplomacy with powers of thought of urgency, will to be accepted and of strength willing or not to be or not to be supported as a consideration of a gamut of potent desires…

The epics have and would continue hereafter, as well, whether, School-scripts of today would become scriptures of days after tomorrow.


Purposes are many yet, reason has always been one.


This open session ends here…

I find the purpose as power…

Find it out for your own self as, tomorrow will too come.


–Niladri Guha

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“Goodness surfaces yet, the worse stays in memories and words of mouth.”


Customer Service Industry is one at its peak as never before.

An industry at large which is not yet so radical in every part of the globe yet, one has to consider that if gained access mushroomed outlets would open up in the moon as well…

Regarding the fact, the so called call centres (as stating only one particular medium of direct contact of customers with regards to sales and after-sales services) of minimal repute would have their prominence at cheaper rates.

Globalization produces an example that even a vendor of a sub-urban backward nation in the fish market should have their own line of support and points of contact.

It isn’t a bad idea to outsource business altogether though, one should always rethink about its implications i.e. the purposes of its causes and the unavoidable effects.

In any line of business any consumer should always ascertain that whom is their share of responsibility being delegated to.

Here I, am not mentioning anything about data frauds but, about unskilled labour of legitimated businesses who are being trained by unskilled trainers to produce in a hurry unskilled demonstrative acumen.

What a shame dear globe.

In order to top the icing of my dissatisfied argument I must state the example of a hypothetical situation in a call centre wherein, the customer service protocol maintained is accurate but what misses from the customer service support mechanism is the valued customer finally…



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REGENERATION, What a shame?

REGENERATION, What a shame?                

In this part of the Great Indian Sub-Continent lies a Utopian land I have heard of from sources of Mass- . As of…Nothing much though, just a stretch of Mountains with gradual freezing temperatures as, one would proceed into further.


As one would visit. It isn’t my experience of this known but, of the great People, who spend their lives discovering for channels such as the  Discovery Channel.

It is utterly to my astonishment or anxiety as in these Men and Women who spend their entire valued Lives in solitude and wilderness, researching as mediums to find some matter say and into what is beyond my basic understanding of their baseless actions according to me.

Is it for money that they come down not to visit it seems but to hunt facts from far off lands… some come from further places that I haven’t heard of existence in the globe too!


So, are these people junkies?


If so even, why would they come down here?


Does not look like a place for arranging parties or even house-parties as, these are the places with conditional houses even.


For building a house, construction materials are required and none can party in caves of the mountains.


Even, the open is too open an environment to regulate actions of any kind ironically.


On one fine vacation I, decided upon visiting such a mountain with the purpose of moving with a friendly group on a trek.


My objective here was only to discover as in why Spiritual Leaders of various origins of the World travel on such places and frequent once in a while.

It was beyond my understanding as the sand, sea and a bottle of supposed intoxicant had always been my best friend and elevator on any journey to wilderness.


My ego was deeply hurt when the Team to the mountains rejected my profile as being medically unfit to visit the dull place according to me which I had never visited or even wanted to earlier than this time concerned.


After, two long years once I was stated ready for my challenge again…I on my journey happened to visit the foothills of the mountains.

Yes, Utopia, had found me through destiny!

Moral of my crap experience is-


It is great to use a spoon and a fork to eat Dinner…but, it is always good to be a Roman in Rome! 

Or as the saying goes…

Niladri Guha


Niladri Guha

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Modern Trades implications on Electronics Markets…


Modern Trades implications on Electronics Markets…


(A short and sad revival of memories on a sleepless night).

It is three am in the morning today and I am not being able to sleep as an old experiential thought of emotional solitude (materialistic though) is killing me.

So, I have decided upon scribbling something in case it eases any reader of my blog by chance if he or she would ever be disturbed and concerned about a similar thought of utter-nuisance on a sleepless night.


Though, viewers discretion is recommended as, this non sense of mine would not relieve anyone else maybe but would satisfy my greed, lust of self- expression and hunger to write.

“There are times when a Person has to distinguish and discriminate between choices to make.”


Sadly, the above mentioned phrase of mine or any choice does no longer exist or is a myth today or in our recent times.

Even sadly, one has to mention that the luxury of acquiring a new electronic product in present times does not imply the greatness of value as it did earlier.


Let me explain, in the simplest of expressions and protocol procedures possible like something I have been wondering and realizing about on this sleepless-night as already expressed.


Just an excuse in between as I have used the word “realization” in place of a thought or an idea this night because I have also heard that “realization” is the only figment of imagination that is real.


I suppose I have to be audacious on using the mentioned term because it is attached to my belief system now.


Now, coming to in my short topic of feeling or the reason for the same as in why modernization of trade is unfriendly

In certain ways as per my personal thoughts is as follows-


A hypothetical situation or fictional time:


Once upon a time,

Rather when I was really young…i.e. most children born during the late sixties, seventies, eighties and even nineties.



Children and youngsters accompanied

With folks, friends or sometimes family members (happily) would walk into an electronic store and proudly!


Proudly because they carried a sense of pre-conceived ownership that the desired electronic merchandise they have come for is theirs since purchase and would proudly again carry the same home in some time. Regardless, of the fact that they would carry the item in a Jonga Jeep, a Taxi, an Ambassador or in a bullock cart.


It was a matter of sentiment that who would own the first piece of luxury item at home so, that villages and districts of neighbours’ would gather to see the item or programs on it and it would be as-


“Neighbours’ envy and owners pride”.


For, those were the days when more the advanced the device and the greater the status of the household.


Today, I am so disgusted with the fact that if I want to buy a music system, a television, an air-conditioner or any electronic product I, have to first get in touch with the modes of sophisticated mediums of purchase or the points of sales. Outlets like exclusive showrooms, even online-avenues to name a few, etc.


First, I must choose an item.

I am told on demand that I cannot take it home as it is merely a show-piece.

Then, an order is placed which comes from the warehouse and are comfortably told we needn’t worry during the billing as the Customer Service department would inform the logistics and warehouse in no time to deliver the item and the after-Sales support system is almost like the life insurance of a human being.


We know what happens in most cases after that POS and credit-transaction however, frustration is shared with an agony- Aunt and Uncle like you.

I am greatly indebted to you dear reader for bearing with my zeal of arrogant excitement.

Though, my innocence about the purchase of a modern trade product is lost.


I warn you and wish you patient success and all the best!


Niladri Guha


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Inks blots’

Inks blots’.

Inks blots’

Knowledge is understood to be an inherent factor of Mankind. Something believed to be directly coming from the basket of the Creator of the Universes…So, does the topic need any introduction my mere civilizations. The point is why should one or the society at large try to prove that Wisdom can be measured through data.
Isn’t the practice wrong in itself which has been or is being followed in modern times of ours.

So, the question is why be so scripted when nothing is in our creations and we are merely copy cats of the past.

Niladri Guha

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Inks blots’

Inks blots’.

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Socially disordered or disease?

Socially disordered or disease?

Here’s the shortest jest about a fact already known with each entity ever born!


Often, we have heard that the fact is stranger than fiction. My personal intuition says that fact is indeed stranger than fiction. I dare not to differ on that.

Now, without beating around the bush

And providing with further boring valueless personal ideologies, let me tell you the ever-undiminishing happy go lucky story of my friend and legend whose name we may rename as being called a shadow.

Shadow was born in a comfortably affluent healthy family. A family which could feed the child that is and rest is understandable…

Sound and all were happy!

Fairy tale of the Shadow continued till all was not well ever-after.

The quietness of the not so quiet child was ripening into young-hood.

Seasoning on an hourly basis, minute per minute, second per second with a changing momentum probably eight per second.

Impatient, confident and deeply motivated.

Careless, talented, extremely moody.

Respectful, dis-respectful, chaotic, clumsy-bully.

Pathetically unmindful and brilliantly intelligent yet a lethargically prodigal actor.

To put forth with an attempt to explain a known attitude,

Shadow was on a verge of goodness and badness.

A state in between dreams and reality or sometimes realistic and sometimes superficial.

To add more, sometimes both with behaviour changing like the sine curves on a graph-sheet.

Most wouldn’t notice in today’s   already alarmed wild World where one speaks of subjects like living in a smaller world, excess individual money and super-lavish comfort, power, globalization, it’s all okay and fine, leading, consumer-sheep’s, the story goes on, etc…

None the less, let’s justify that none of such ideas, living standards, aims for betterment of humanity and Mother Nature are bad on a living basis and Life which could be on a platonic level as well and only a genuine fool with crazy fanatic ideas would condemn and go against such valued principles, practices of ever-betterment.

Yet, none can give up on the negative sides of empowerment and industrialization.

Even of a subject on well-being or of anything else one, cannot drift from the basis or core reasons of suffering. An agrarian-industrial world is essential of course but, not at the cost of life of growing most especially.

For the Shadow, will live Life only in special freedom with ease and comfort i.e. where there is the mere necessities of happiness, space, food, light, shelter and as the famous Poet of the World Shri Rabindranath Tagore wrote in one of his most famous poems-

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high.”

Niladri Guha

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Architects of character in making.




Brush your teeth,

Polish your shoes,

Gulp your breakfast

You’re late to school.


Wear your tie,

Say goodbye,

Sling your jacket

Wish spring a Hi!


Meet old friends

Call them names

Pinch some bums

Get kicked in some. 


School’s on cliff

The roads are steep,

All seems green,

Even golf links.


Home works due,

Tuck shop is new,

Penniless boy,

Don’t even try.


Grand bell rings,

All boy’s sing,

Look left and right,

Back benchers don’t try.


Zero hour starts,

Games await class,

Run to the field’s,

We must squeal.


Next is history,

The same classic stories,

Mysterious Literature,

After Chemistry.


Lunch breaks,

Dreams awake,

Closest school,

A flock of girls.


After school,

Some broken rules,

My halo’s gone,

Yesterday was fun.


Niladri Guha

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An evening when I lay. I felt a mystical sway. Like the night had suddenly become black. Like a moonlit trip to a far off land. Subconsciously I thought of my state. Would I be conscious again. Should I forever stay. One conscious night I thought again. Is my body too here to stay. I thought of thought Without any application of it. Realized my void float of emptiness In heavenly heaviness is not perpetual. I must return from sway to the day. Rough are the times of worldly Duties and acting’s of actions As, I call myself for I must not stay. — Niladri Guha

Speck of You

Speck of You

Marvel meaningless

without Eyes.

Silence unworthy

without Ears.

Nectar bland without Buds.

Pace paralyzing Agility.

Moments spent in Solitude.

Comforts discomforted.

Spot of Universe is around

Speck of All is You




Intense insomnia

Darkened Knight

Dwindling star

Screeching mind…


Renaissance (Rebirth)

Renaissance (Rebirth)

Virus bringeth mega-death

Nostradamus prophesied

Perchance opined

Hack of renaissance

Unto surreal plight




Wishes are the horses

Crafted in an aquarium

Am I the mechanic

Of this dreamy delirium


Adieu darkness

Adieu darkness

Adieu darkness absence of light.

Egress in solitude never revive.


Serve as keeper providing shade.

Transcend heat-stoking waves.

Oblige Karma Spanning Life


Spread Dreams

Of widened – Eyes.


My floating hopes

My floating hopes

Life was on a sultry somewhat gay state.

Suddenly the trajectory shifted from the wreckage of the titanic to the floating platonic.

The water feels like ice and I have poems more to devise.

Miles to write before I sleep and miles to write before I sleep…


Dearest Dad

Dearest Dad

Relieved to realize and accept that you have now departed.

From the anguish and misery you have parted.

You are stronger than pain now and our guiding light.

The God particle is you yourself and cannot be defied.

Flashes of life and lives welcoming you an experience you envisioned as you left.

Passing through the myth of any physical pain as you set your body to rest.

You knew that you were leaving and I know you were.

Few facts have I read about before writing this from the Bhagvad Gita.

Fearful days of confusion are over now for both of us.

I wish you Eternal Peace and Tranquility for in times we all will join you there.




Torn out of the mother this cesarean was born

On that stormy night of rain and thunder

He spoke early but lesser the granny would mention

He would gaze at the children playing from the mighty parlour

He’s a man of great ego the uncle would call

He would hide his face and pinch mother like all were her fault

Blundering and mediocre his teacher’s felt of him

Until that day when he turned sixteen

He fell and felt the throbbing for the first time ever

Shakespeare turned interesting and so much like never

The world now was an orchard as he turned clever

Deported down-south and when tea was replaced with coffee

Bohemian lifestyle and free culture shook the roots

Was it the fast-lane or life it was or which it was no more

Clinical-cowboy depressed for life or the schizophrenic bipolar just termed

Dog gone years passed with skin transformation

Today he wrote a few lines hoping you’d relate to the experiences as his justifications.


The day when I write

The day when I write


the once bookworms called me stupid Oh yes, I am

Haven’t spilled ink over midnight-oil Such a darn

Read a few pages on inner-engineering Silenced Jack

Democratic-national Second-class Never mind

Recipient abusive-abrasive survivor Nickel and dime

Sprouted from coffee unspilt all-over Unsmart lamb

Moment of tireless stillness as done

As I am

Will explain the depth of each pearl

The day when I begin to write…